Escape Rooms

Murder Mystery

3-6 Players

Clyde Wilson has been murdered!  You and your group will piece together the events of the poker game where poor Clyde met his fate!

Hexed: The Curse of the Nar-Tsu

4-8 Players

Dr. Jones needs your help!  He has fell victim to a mysterious curse while at work in Indonesia studying an ancient tribe of people called the Nar-Tsu.  He has left many clues behind in his office that might help you figure out how to break the curse!

The Tomb of Atahualpa

3-6 Players

Dr. Jones is in trouble once again!  This time he has invited you to Peru to see a mysterious artifact that could change the known history of the Inca people!  Unfortunately while you are enroute to see this artifact, Dr. Jones and his companion are kidnapped by the local tribe who want the artifact back.  Jones has hidden it in a lounge/study that he has rented in Peru!  Scour the room and search for the artifact to help free Dr. Jones and his companion!


Geppetto's Toy Repair

3-5 Players with one adult required, for which there is no charge.  Designed for kids age 8-12.

Toy Maker Geppetto was in his shop tinkering with a mysterious Etch-a-Sketch brought to him by his neighbor, Stromboli.  As he sat alone in his shop trying to figure out what was wrong with it, his turning of the dials opened a portal above his shop that began sucking all the toys into it!  Geppetto quickly ran off and enlisted the help of a group of kids who bravely went back into the shop and attempted to help Geppetto close the portal and save the toy repair shop!

Spy vs Spy: Double-Crossed 

Coming Soon!


In the heart of an enigmatic city, two rival spy organizations have received intelligence about a hidden vault containing critical information. As elite agents, you find yourselves in separate rooms of a high-security facility, each armed with a dossier that provides clues to access the vault. The catch? Only one gang can successfully retrieve the classified data.

An escape room experience involving two competing rooms completing different puzzles, each with the goal of gaining access to the vault.   This room will be for six to twelve players.